Back in march it was revealed that Elon Musk had launched a new company called Neuralink. For those unfamiliar, basically what Neuralink plans to do is hook up our brains to computers/machines in which we can then control them just by thinking about it. Now in a detailed report posted on Wait But Why (via Engadget), more details about Musk’s plans have been revealed.

In the report Musk basically confirmed Neuralink’s existence and also shared a bit about what they are working on, which is a brain-to-machine interface. It also seems that the company could be pretty close to making that a reality because according to Musk, he estimates that they should have something that can treat those with severe brain injuries in about four years.

However for regular use by the masses, Musk thinks that it might take longer anywhere between 8-10 years. Musk and Neuralink wouldn’t be the first to explore the idea of using our brains to control machines. In the past we have seen how researchers have created wheelchairs that can be controlled by the mind.

In fact just the other day Facebook shared their plans at attempting to build a system in which we can think of what we want to type and it will appear on the screen, using nothing more than just our brain power. Whether or not Musk’s latest venture will be successful remains to be seen, but given his past success and his resources, why not?

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