We have seen in the past how researchers have tried to harness the power of the mind where we can literally control things just by thinking about it, whether it be to communicate what we want or by moving/controlling objects like a wheelchair. It turns out that Facebook is working on something similar as during its F8 conference, the company unveiled that they are working on brain-to-text technology.

As the name suggests, this means that users can convert words they are thinking into actual text on the screen. This will be accomplished through brain implants which at the moment is capable of typing out words at eight words a minute, which is clearly not very efficient. However according to Regina Dugan who is heading up Facebook’s Building 8 research program, the company plans on making it fast enough to hit 100 words a minute, which is faster than the average typing speed of most people.

The goal is also to make it non-invasive, meaning that you don’t need to actually get brain implants for it to work. Dugan revealed that Facebook is working with researchers at several US universities to make that a reality. Ultimately this should help increase and improve accessibility for those who are disabled/paralyze, or just for novel purposes where you can send text messages to your friend just by thinking it.

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