Elon Musk is a man with pretty huge ambitions and one that isn’t afraid to dream big, at least that’s what we can tell from his ventures so far whether it be Tesla, SpaceX, the Hyperloop, or digging a tunnel underground to help circumvent traffic. This is why Musk’s latest efforts doesn’t really come as a surprise.

In a report from The Wall Street Journal, they are reporting that Musk has launched a new venture called Neuralink. Note that Musk has yet to officially comment or confirm the existence of the company as this is based on people who are “familiar with the matter”, but Max Hodak who founded Transcriptic claims that the company is real and Musk is involved.

So what is Neuralink? Basically this is a company that is exploring the possibility of connecting brains to computers with “neural lace” technology. Ultimately the goal is to perhaps one day be able to upload or download thoughts from our brains onto computers, and vice versa, so just like the Matrix movie, perhaps one day learning something new could simply be about downloading it into our minds.

According to The Verge, Musk has hinted several times at creating such a venture. About half a year ago, Musk told a crowd in Dubai, “Over time I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence.” He added that “it’s mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output.” We’re not sure what exactly will be the result of launching such a company, but it sounds very interesting indeed.

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