With Apple introducing a new hardware feature in the form of the Touch Bar in the 2016 MacBook Pro, users had a new way of interacting with the laptop and the various apps that run on it. However this meant that developers needed to include Touch Bar support which we have seen in the past, and the good news is that Evernote has done just that.

With the updated app, users who have Evernote installed on the MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar will be able to create new notes with a single tap like they have done on their phones. There will also be a simpler way to search for their notes and content within their Evernote files, and there will also be a new and quicker way of tagging your notes just by tapping on the suggestions displayed on the Touch Bar.

In addition to those, Evernote will also add annotation support in the Touch Bar. According to Evernote, “This feature lets you mark up images or an entire note with arrows, boxes, comments, or highlighted text.” Most of these are just convenience features which should improve the overall experience, but whether or not you want to use them is up to you, but they are available should you choose to do so.

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