Facebook today announced that it has launched Facebook Spaces in beta for the Oculus Rift. Spaces provides users with a new way to connect with their friends and loved ones in virtual reality. It enables users to virtually be in-person with friends and family in VR, heaving fun and meaningful experiences no matter where everyone might be.

Users can create an identity for themselves that represents their real self in Facebook spaces. This will help people recognize them when using the app. Once users have decided on their look, they can go ahead and invite their Facebook friends to join in on the fun. They obviously need to have the Oculus Rift headset for this to work.

Together, they can browse Facebook’s cache of 360 videos and photos, relive personal memories from their Timelines, and even explore things from people and pages that they follow all in virtual reality.

Facebook Spaces also enables users to phone in a friend form the real world with Messenger video calling. This allows them to enter the VR space to see what’s going on. There are a wide variety of games that all users can play with each other as they’re hanging out in virtual reality.

Facebook Spaces has been launched today in beta for Oculus Rift. New features will be added down the road and Spaces will also be expanded to other virtual reality platforms in the future.

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