Facebook today announced that it has added even more functionality to the AI-powered messenger called M that resides in Messenger. It will now be able to provide users with suggestions of actions that it can take on their behalf inside Messenger.

The way this works is that M analyzes the conversation that you’re having inside Messenger and will constantly search for keywords that fire up its suggestive features.

Depending on the conversation, it can suggest actions such as sending stickers on your behalf, hailing a cab using services like Lyft and Uber, starting a poll for all participants in the group chat, and even initiating payment requests right within the messaging app.

M will also look out for keywords in a conversation that suggest that you’re making plans with a friend and will offer different suggestions to help in that regard. These suggestions will be displayed in the chat window and the M logo will accompany them so users know that they can tap on it to enable the assistant to take further action.

The company has rolled out this enhanced functionality to Messenger users on iOS and Android in the United States today and will expand it to more markets across the globe in the coming months.

Bear in mind that Facebook still hasn’t officially launched M as it remains in invite-only beta stage for now.

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