The Galaxy Note 7 was an absolute disaster for Samsung. There were countless cases of the handset’s battery catching fire which led to Samsung having to make the difficult decision of discontinuing the flagship smartphone. Samsung has taken a lot of concrete steps since then to ensure that something like that doesn’t happen again. The efforts appear to have paid off as the Galaxy S8’s battery is capable of taking some serious abuse without catching fire.

Samsung came up with a comprehensive 8-point safety check plan for batteries after the Galaxy Note 7 to ensure that the things that slipped under the radar last year are no longer a cause for concern.

The folks from What’s Inside and JerryRigEverything have put up a new video on YouTube which shows a Galaxy S8 being disassembled. The battery is subjected to a Dremel multitool at one point which actually punctured the case and while it does heat and swell up, it doesn’t catch fire.

Yes, you may see some liquid leaking out of the battery when it’s punctured and some smoke as well but it doesn’t catch fire. The battery is then properly cut using a knife and even then it doesn’t combust.

Granted that this is one instance of the Galaxy S8’s battery holding up surprisingly well to abuse that most users won’t subject their own devices to, but it will give Samsung fans faith that they won’t have to deal with what Galaxy Note 7 owners had to go through.

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