As far as Google devices are concerned that have yet to be announced, we have heard of at least three: muskie, walleye, and taimen, which are allegedly Google’s Pixel phones for 2017. However a couple of weeks ago it was spotted within the Google app that there are references made to a device codenamed “Bisto”.

However according to the latest teardown of the Google app which has since been updated to version, it has been discovered that all and any references made to “Bisto” have since been removed. We’re not sure if the removal could be because Google doesn’t want the public to speculate about what it could be, or if the removal could be because it is in reference to an old project that might no longer in the works.

At the moment it is unclear as to what Bisto is, but it is definitely not a smartphone or tablet. There were references made about how notifications could be read aloud inside of headphones, which some have speculated could be some kind of audio-based wearable. However given that it has since been removed, it’s hard to say what it could be.

It may or may not surface again in the future, but for now whatever Bisto is or was is something we guess we’ll never know unless Google decides to share their plans.

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