The other day it was reported that Google Home could soon be getting support for multiple users. Google did not mention when exactly we can expect the feature, but as it turns out we didn’t have to wait too long because in a blog post, Google has confirmed that the feature is now available to Google Home users.


According to Google, “Starting today, I can—and so can you. We’re adding the ability for up to six people to connect their account to one Google Home. So now when I ask my Google Assistant for help, it can distinguish my voice from my wife’s and I can hear my own personal playlists, my own commute time, my own schedule and more.”

How it works is that Google Home will identify users by their voice to know who they are and what their preferences are so as to offer up a more personalized experience. This is done when users connect their account on a Google Home device, after which they will be asked to say a couple of phrases which are then analyzed by a neural network to detect characteristics in a person’s voice to determine who they are.

Once that’s done, Google Home should have no problems distinguishing between its users. The feature is expected to be made available to users in the US first, but it is expected to eventually expand to the UK in the coming months.

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