Board games take up a lot of space and it can get messy, which isn’t so ideal if you’re outside in a public setting like a beach, cafe, park, and so on. However the good news is that if you love board games like Monopoly, it has been announced the the game will be officially making its way onto the Nintendo Switch.


However don’t expect the game anytime soon as it will be released later this fall, so there’s still some waiting to do. That being said, the game will support up to 6 players locally, meaning that only one person needs to own the Nintendo Switch in order for players to play the game. There will also be support for HD Rumble when throwing the dice.

For those unfamiliar, HD Rumble is a feature of the Joy-Con in which it can create vibrations that are so nuanced and subtle that it offers up a very different gaming experience. For example there is a game in the 1-2 Switch title that takes advantage of this feature, so if you’ve experienced it for yourself then it’s something to look forward to in the Switch.

In the meantime if you’re curious as to what Monopoly for the Nintendo Switch will look like, check out the reveal trailer in the video above for the details.

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