Mac computers back in the day ran on very different software and looked nothing like the Mac computers that we know and are familiar with today. Granted the UI back in the day isn’t exactly what you would call sleek, but for those who grew up with such computers can probably admit that there’s a certain charm about them.

Now for those who had Mac computers growing up and remembered playing games on them, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Internet Archive has uploaded emulated Mac software onto its website, meaning that you’ll be able to sort of experience what it was like to use a Mac back in the day, and also play some classic games such as the infamous Frogger which has gone on to inspire quite a few modern mobile titles, Space Invaders, Dark Castle, Airborne, and Lode Runner just to name a few.

These games weren’t exclusive to Mac but with the emulator you’ll be able to experience what it is like to play games on a Mac from back in the day. You’ll also be able to experience certain Mac apps such as MacPaint and Microsoft Word. Speaking to WIRED, archivist Jason Scott said,“Software is culturally valuable. It’s important to be able to access it, as you could with a book or a movie.”

For those who are interested in checking it out, head on over to the Internet Archive’s website for the details and complete list of available games and apps.

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