T-Mobile released its SyncUP Drive dongle in November last year. It enables users to bring 4G LTE connectivity to their cars, access a host of information about vehicle diagnostics and even get GPS monitoring. It’s a great solution for those who have an old car and would like to have these features onboard. T-Mobile has now added free roadside assistant to the SyncUP Drive dongle.


Free roadside assistance is certainly going to be of great help to those who subscribe to this service. To provide this feature, T-Mobile has partnered with the AllState Motor Club.

As and when the need arises, subscribers will be able to use the roadside assistance feature to get jumps, tows, and tire changes via the SyncUP Drive app.

That’s not all. T-Mobile is also offering subscribers a new payment plan which will allow them to buy the dongle, which normally costs $150, for a downpayment of $48 coupled with 24 equal monthly installments of $2. However, they have to sign up for a 2GB or higher data plan to get this payment option.

All existing SyncUP users will have to update their apps in order to access this feature and they will also have to enroll with the AllState Motor Club before they can start relying on SyncUP Drive’s roadside assistance feature.

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