Driving tests haven’t really changed that much over the years, simply because for the most parts, cars are still operated the same way, and the rules of the road haven’t changed that much either. That might be a different story when self-driving cars come into the picture, but until then things should remain roughly the same.


However over in the UK, it seems that starting this December, students who want to take the driving test will be required to demonstrate their ability to navigate using a sat nav system. Drivers will be asked to drive independently for 20 minutes, which is double the current length, and four out of five candidates will be asked to follow directions shown on a navigational device.

The idea is to help inexperienced drivers get acquainted with roads and how they can rely on technology to find their way around, as opposed to getting lost and getting distracted while trying to get their bearing which could prove to be dangerous for other drivers on the road, so this inclusion is kind of a win-win situation.

According to a spokesperson for the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, “Using a satnav goes some way to addressing concerns that inexperienced drivers are easily distracted, which is one of the main causes of crashes. We’re moving with technology and the technology that new drivers will be using.”

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