People argue with each other all the time, whether you’re friends, family, or partners. Heck even strangers get into arguments with each other. However what if you could predict when an argument is about to break out? If you could, do you think you could work towards preventing it or acting in a way that doesn’t let it get blown out of proportion?


This is something that researchers at the University of Southern California are looking into, and they are using none other than wearable gadgets to help them make their predictions. How this works is that researchers gave couples a wearable that can track biodata like body temperature, heart activity, and sweat. Participants in the research were also required to log their feelings towards their partner every hour, which also measured things like content and intensity of speech.

After that through the use of machine learning, researchers were able to capture moments of  conflicts with an accuracy rating as high as 86%. According to the researchers, the next step in the process would be to create a model that could predict conflicts up to five minutes before they occur, which in turn could allow device makers to focus not just on physical health, but emotional health as well.

Speaking to TechCrunch, the study’s co-author Theodora Chaspari said, “The fact that we are capturing bio-signals from wearables – this is a source of information we can get from people that we cannot see with the naked eye. It was a pretty useful source of information.”

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