Is today a good day to walk to where you’re going, or would it be better to drive or maybe hail a ridesharing service like Lyft? Those are some questions we tend to ask ourselves sometimes, and if you use The Weather Channel app on your phone for your daily weather forecasts, then you might be interested in the latest update.


It seems that The Weather Channel’s app will now come with Lyft integration. What this means is that users can now request for a Lyft ride within the app itself, as opposed to having to swap to the Lyft app to do so. The integration will sync your calendar with the forecasts which means that it will also know whether or not a ride is necessary based on the weather.

However it should be noted that for now, this integration is only available if you use a Samsung device, although this isn’t the first time that Lyft has integrated itself with a third-party app. According to VentureBeat, they were told by a Lyft spokesperson that the partnership with Samsung is just the beginning.

What this means is that we can most likely expect that in the future, we can see more devices being compatible with this feature. It’s not exactly a make or break feature, but it could come in handy in the future.

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