Xiaomi launched its new flagship smartphone in China earlier this month. The Xiaomi Mi 6 has been very well received in the company’s home market with more than 1.2 million people registering their interest to pick up the device on JD.com which is the largest online retailer in China. Xiaomi fans in India might be hoping that this handset would be launched in their country as well but if rumors are believed, that’s not going to happen.

Xiaomi normally launches new flagship smartphones in China first. That doesn’t surprise anybody given that China is Xiaomi’s home market. The handsets then gradually make their way to other markets such as India.

Many might have been keeping their fingers crossed for a Xiaomi Mi 6 India launch but the latest rumors suggest that this might not happen. It’s claimed that Xiaomi is changing its strategy for the new flagship smartphone and will keep it limited to China at this point in time.

It goes without saying that Xiaomi fans in India might not be too happy about this. India happens to be the second largest market for Xiaomi so the company would definitely have a good reason for doing this.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that this information comes from unofficial sources so there’s every possibility that the Xiaomi Mi 6 India launch might eventually take place.

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