YouTube provided users the ability to stream live from their mobile devices using the Android app back in February this year. However, it did place a restriction. The mobile live streaming feature was only offered to channel owners who had 10,000 subscribers at least. It has stuck to this limit for a few months now but has relaxed it. The YouTube mobile live streaming feature is now being opened up to more users and it seems like soon it will be open for all.

YouTube is surely not the only service out there that’s allowing users to stream live video from their mobile devices. One can argue that YouTube is actually late to the party given that services like Periscope and Instagram Live have allowed users to do the same thing for quite some time now.

YouTube enabled mobile live streaming through its Android app in February this year. However, the only caveat for users was that their channels had to have 10,000 subscribers at least. That’s a daunting figure for someone who is just starting out on YouTube.

The support page for creating a live stream on YouTube has now been updated to reflect that channels now need to have 1,000 and not 10,000 subscribers to stream live video from a mobile device.

The limit doesn’t make much sense now that it has been reduced by 90 percent so it’s quite likely that YouTube mobile live streaming will be eventually opened up to all users.

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