If you’ve ever fumbled around in the dark to find your cable to plug into your phone to charge it, you know it can get a bit frustrating. It’s not exactly the worst feeling in the world, but it is an inconvenience at times. However it seems that Apple could have thought up of a fix in the form of cables that can glow in the dark.

In a patent discovered by Patently Apple, it looks like the Cupertino company has toyed with the idea of cables that can light up, or to be more specific, the ends of the cables can light up. While it does help with finding cables in the dark and being able to see where you’re plugging it into, other uses includes being able to notify users of certain things.

For example it could change colors when charging to indicate that the phone is still low on battery, or in the process of charging, or it could glow green to indicate that the phone is already fully charged. We reckon that these are probably the reasons why the patent exists, as opposed to more novel features.

This can be applied to a variety of connectors, such as Lightning, USB-C, or even Thunderbolt. Unfortunately since this is a patent, it’s hard to say if Apple ever plans to make it a reality, although we wouldn’t say no to cables that offered up better visual cues as to the state of charging.

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