Both Facebook and Google are interested in speeding up the web, to the extent that both companies have launched instant articles. For those unfamiliar, these instant articles basically mean that users don’t need to wait for them to load like a traditional website as they will, as their name implies, load instantly.

However both Facebook and Google’s efforts have existed separate of each other, but not anymore. In an announcement by Facebook, it seems that the company’s Instant Articles SDK extension will now support Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) as well as Apple News (although the latter does not have instant articles).

According to Facebook, “The SDK already enables developers to easily integrate publishing Instant Articles into their content management systems. By supporting a gateway to generate content across platforms, we’re also making it easy for publishers to apply some of the custom styling templates in AMP and Apple News that they have created in the Instant Articles Style Editor.”

Hopefully what this means is that publishers will no longer have to choose between either Facebook or Google or Apple, since Facebook’s SDK will help make it easier to publish instant articles in a similar format across the board, which means that for the end user, you should start to expect more instant loading pages in the future.

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