The Gmail app is used by millions of people across the globe to manage their email accounts but Google also has another app for that purpose called Inbox, it’s not billed as the company’s main email app just yet, which is why it can easily experiment with new features inside Inbox. Those who want a no-fuss experience can stick with Gmail. Inbox by Gmail has received several new features over the past few months but the one it gets today is quite cool, called Smart Reply, it enables the app to automatically create responses for your emails.

If you’re someone who receives a lot of emails you know how cumbersome and time-consuming it can be to individually check and reply to each email, most of the times we end up with a bunch of unread emails in our inbox, hence the never ending quest for Inbox Zero.

Smart Reply is a new feature that enables Inbox to guess which emails can easily be answered with a short reply, it automatically prepares a few answers it thinks will be relevant on your behalf and you can decide which one to send with just a simple tap.

The feature will suggest up to three responses based on the emails you get, it will save you time by crafting appropriate responses for emails that don’t need a lengthy response. Behind the scenes Inbox uses machine learning to recognize the emails and to generate natural language responses on the go.

Smart Reply will be rolled out to Inbox by Gmail for both iOS and Android later this week.

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