It was reported recently that new Hitman games were placed on hold as Square Enix has decided to withdraw its investment from Hitman developer IO Interactive. The developer later said that it was looking for new partners that were willing to work with it on this franchise. If a new rumor is believed, IO Interactive has retained the rights to Hitman and that the second season of the current Hitman game is still planned.

German website Gamestar claims to have heard from a reliable source that the rights to Hitman will remain with IO Interactive even though Square Enix is pulling its investment and putting the developer up for sale.

“We can not reveal any further details on the origin of this information, but we would like to state that the information is absolutely reliable and secure,” the scribe added.

It merits mentioning here that Gamestar does have a good reputation but that doesn’t mean all rumors can be taken at face value. There’s no confirmation about this as yet from IO Interactive so it can’t be believed at this point in time.

Gamestar expects IO Interactive to officially comment on this by next week so we can only wait and see whether a confirmation comes from the developer. Hitman fans will certainly want it to be true.

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