iPhone photography is a big thing and as we have seen in the past, Apple’s iPhones have proven to be very popular amongst photo sharing websites such as Flickr where it accounted for 8 out of 10 of Flickr’s top devices. Now if you’re a relative novice to the iPhone photography scene and wouldn’t mind some pointers, you’re in luck as Apple has since shared some tips for its users.

The Cupertino company has recently posted a bunch of tutorial videos on how to make the most out of your iPhone 7. For example there are videos on how to achieve the depth-of-field/bokeh look using the Portrait mode, how to get a close-up shot, how to shoot a vertical panorama, and so on.

Most of these tips are pretty basic and straightforward and one that we’re sure many iPhone users might have already figured out, or if you’re a seasoned photographer you probably already knew some of these things. However if you’re still struggling on getting the most from your phone, then these videos could be worth checking out.

Note that some features such as Portrait mode are exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual lens setup, so that’s worth taking into consideration as well when watching some of these videos.

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