Cortana is integrated with Windows 10 and thus it provides a lot of functionality to the taskbar. Windows 10 users can rely on Cortana to help them out with a wide variety of tasks by just issuing it voice commands. While Cortana has always been able to search the web, that functionality did require some improvement, and Microsoft appears to be making some improvements.

As it stands, if you ask Cortana to search for something on the web, you will be required to open the search results that it comes up with in the Microsoft Edge browser. This doesn’t give users any incentive to use Cortana for searching the web, they can just open the browser and search using it instead.

The new Cortana user interface that Microsoft is testing has two panes. The results will be displayed in the first pane and if the user clicks on one of the results, it will be opened in the second pane. This means that Cortana users will not have to open Edge or be redirected to Edge even when they open search links from Bing after running a web search using Cortana.

This is certainly going to save a lot of time for people who rely on Cortana often to run quick web searches. Microsoft is reportedly testing this interface on a small scale so it’s unclear when it will go live for everybody.

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