Now that the Samsung Galaxy S8 has been launched, a lot of attention has turned towards that of the iPhone 8, Apple’s 2017 flagship smartphone. However despite the massive shadow the iPhone 8 is casting over the smartphone scene, it’s hard to ignore some upcoming Android devices, such as the OnePlus 5.

In a recent post on Weibo (via The Android Soul), it seems that a photo of the upcoming phone has made its way online. This photo shows off the back portion of the phone in which the dual camera setup has been confirmed, along with some design choices such as the antenna breaks on the top and bottom parts of the phone.

However what’s interesting is that this photo is different from the one we saw back in April in which it revealed a sleeker device and also a slightly different camera design. This recent photo seems to be in more in line with the recent sketches we saw which shares a similar camera design and also points out the antenna breaks.

Given that these are just rumors and leaks it’s hard to say which is the real deal, although admittedly we have to say that the first one does look a lot “cleaner”. In any case the handset will be announced this coming summer, so check back with us in the coming weeks or months for the details, and until then take this latest leak with a grain of salt.

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