Back in May 2016, it represented a pretty important time in Blizzard’s history as a game developer. This is namely because for the first time in a very, very long time, Blizzard has introduced a brand new IP that has absolutely nothing to do with its StarCraft, Warcraft, or Diablo universe. This came in the form of Overwatch.


It seems that to potentially celebrate the game’s one year anniversary, it has been discovered that there is a chance that Blizzard could be planning some kind of anniversary event. This is based on a datamine which has uncovered items like Anniversary Loot Boxes that could be presumably tied to the event in question. It has even been suggested that this event could run until the 5th of June, 2017 where gamers can either purchase or earn the Anniversary Loot Boxes.

In addition to the event, the folks at True Achievements have also uncovered that could be a Game of the Year Edition for the Xbox One. This is supposedly equivalent to the Origins Edition copy of the game, except that it will come with additional items, namely 10 bonus Loot Boxes. It will also come with a Baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft, the Tracer hero for Heroes of the Storm, and 5 Origin Skins for Overwatch heroes.

Now it’s hard to say if these reports are true, but we know that Blizzard is a big fan of celebrating anniversaries so we wouldn’t put it past them, but either way given that the anniversary of Overwatch is coming up, we should be able to expect an announcement soon, assuming the information is accurate.

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