Twitter has always been free. You can sign up right away and start using the service without having to pay it. However, as the company tries to come up with new ways of generating revenue, it has been thinking about launching a premium subscription-based service. Twitter is actively considering a premium service and isn’t ruling it out at this point in time.

This was confirmed by Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey during the company’s annual shareholders meeting yesterday. He was asked if Twitter would consider launching a service based on the membership model which would presumably provide additional features to members.

“Yeah so this has been kicked around for quite some time,” Dorsey said while reiterating that the company feels that it’s of real importance that people across the globe can access Twitter regardless of their economic stature.

He also mentioned that Twitter has no particular plans to announce right now concerning a premium service but it’s always “looking at those patterns.” It will continue to consider feedback from customers and understand if it’s going to be in the greater interest of the audience to launch a membership-based service.

So even if Twitter doesn’t have anything to announce at this point in time, it may very well come up with something in the future. It hasn’t been ruled out and remains a possibility.

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