Imagine a scenario where the police are chasing after a suspect in a car, but the suspect manages to escape into a place where cars can’t really fit, so what then? According to Singaporean startup Otsaw Digital, you would send a drone after them, because that’s what the company has recently unveiled.

The company has taken the wraps off its O-R3 which is an autonomous security robot that can be used to patrol areas. It also has a built-in drone that will be ideal in situations where the robot will not be able to reach or access due to obstacles. According to Ling Ting Ming, CEO of Otsaw Digital, “[If] you have obstacles on the ground, we can launch a drone that has an aerial view of where the intruder is hiding, maybe on the other side of the wall, on the fence, or the gate, stuff like that.”

In addition to having a drone built into it, the O-R3 will come equipped with a bunch of sensors like 3D LIDAR sensors, GPS, and also tools that can help spot unattended bags and also raise an alarm if those bags are not attended to for five minutes. It will also be able to distinguish between employees of a place and intruders.

For companies who are interested in getting the O-R3 for themselves, the company will be charging them a rental fee of $10,000 a month which is apparently slightly less than what you would pay for four security guards a month in the country.

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