Mobile coverage and speeds can be iffy indoors but solutions do exist to help users get the most out of their mobile connections regardless of where they might be. Sprint has launched one such solution today. It’s called the Sprint Magic Box and the carrier says that it’s the world’s first all-wireless small cell that’s going to improve LTE coverage and download speeds indoors.

Sprint is aiming to sell this box to both the average customer and small businesses. It’s offering it to them at no additional cost but the units are subject to availability at qualifying locations.

Small cells are basically Wi-Fi routers that help boost mobile reception indoors. Sprint’s Magic Box configures itself so it just needs to be set next to a window and it will automatically connect to Sprint’s external macro cells on the carrier’s 2.5 Ghz system.

Users should experience an almost instantaneous improvement in coverage and speeds indoors. Sprint claims that it increases upload and download speeds by up to 200 percent on average and is capable of covering an area of up to 30,000 square feet indoors.

Not only that, Sprint says that the cell’s range reaches as much as 100m outside, so coverage is also going to be improved for people in the immediate vicinity.

The carrier now has a pre-order page on its website where interested users can register their interest to receive the Magic Box if Sprint makes it available in their area.

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