With the release of every new Nintendo console, without fail there will be titles that gamers can more or less expect and can look forward to. One of those titles is Super Smash Bros. which was confirmed for the Nintendo Switch in March. Now thanks to screenshots of the game that were posted onto 4chan (via Nintendo Everything), we have an idea of what to expect.

Note that it would be impossible to tell if these screenshots are the real deal save for Nintendo confirming them, although we’re guessing that probably won’t be the case. However from what we can see, they do look pretty authentic, or at the very least whoever cooked them up in Photoshop sure did a pretty good job at it.

We can’t tell if there will be new features or changes to gameplay based on these screenshots, but one of the screenshots does reveal what looks like Target Smash kind of practice stage, and overall it seems that there are some improvements made to the visuals of the game.

In any case with E3 coming up and with Nintendo expected to host their own conference separate of the event, perhaps we’ll be able to find out additional details then. Until then what do you guys make of these screenshots?

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