Back in April it was reported that Twitter was testing out a new support tool that would basically allow users to speak with Twitter Support to resolve any issues that they might have. It looks like that testing is done and concluded because Twitter has since announced that the feature is now live and open to all users.

For those wondering how this works, all you’d have to do is send a direct message (DM) to Twitter’s Support and they will get back to you. However you should note that you will not be talking to a live human, but rather a chatbot who will draw from a database of knowledge to help answer any questions you might have, such as dealing with trolls, offering feedback, and so on.

Will this be better than tweeting @Support and hoping they see your message? Possibly, although we guess whether or not the bot will have the answers you are looking for depends on the question. However if you’re just after some basic help then we guess it should be good enough to get the job done.

We expect that over time the bot should get smarter and more helpful, but if you’re curious about how it works and what you can do with it, why not send Twitter’s Support a DM and find out for yourself?

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