Microsoft is reporting some numbers at its BUILD conference today. The company has confirmed that more than 500 million machines across the globe are now running Windows 10. This is the first update that it has provided on the numbers after almost 8 months. The last update we got from it was back in 2016 when it announced that more than 400 million devices were running on Windows 10 daily.


Microsoft had a very ambitious goal initially to get Windows 10 running on more than 1 billion devices by 2018. However, the company later had to revise that goal as it found that it was too ambitious.

The company ended up revising its goal in July last year, saying that it was going to take longer for Windows 10 to achieve 1 billion monthly active devices than FY18. However, growth appears to have slowed down a bit, and if it continues like this Microsoft may have to keep waiting for a bit longer before it hits the billion mark.

The Verge hears from sources that Microsoft has been “loosely targeting” 550 million monthly active Windows 10 devices by the end of June this year and 575 million by the end of September. If that really is the case, then today’s announcement of 500 million users means that the company is on schedule after revising its estimates.

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