We have long heard rumors that Apple is going to integrate wireless charging functionality into the iPhone. The company hasn’t done that yet but the rumor mill is holding out on hope for wireless charging on the 2018 iPhone. Wireless charging became common on most high-end Android flagships a couple of years ago so it’s not like Apple would be breaking new ground. If an Apple supplier is to be believed, the 2018 iPhone is going to come with wireless charging.

Wistron is an India-based manufacturer that Apple recently added to its supply chain in order to gain more market share in one of the most lucrative smartphone markets on the planet as well as get cost benefits in India. Wistron currently manufactures the iPhone SE for Apple.

Earlier today while speaking to reporters, Winstron’s CEO Robert Hwang revealed that the upcoming iPhones will come with new features like “waterproof and wireless charging.”

His comments were part of an explanation about the increasingly complex methods of manufacturing next-generation devices compared to iPhones of years gone by.

Whether this is a mistake on Hwang’s part or he has slipped up and confirmed one of the most highly anticipated features for the iPhone, it goes without saying that Apple fans will be very anxiously to find out whether or not wireless charging has made it to the 2018 iPhone. I’m pretty sure many will have their fingers crossed that it does.

Apple is not expected to launch its new iPhones before the fall this year.

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