Amazon’s Alexa can do many things, such as call you a pizza, order you an Uber, tell you the weather and the news, and so on. Now it seems that Amazon has decided to roll out an update to Alexa that will introduce some new features which we reckon should have been part of its features right off the bat, and that is the ability to set reminders.

Yup, in case you didn’t know, prior to this Alexa could not by default set reminders on your behalf. We know that it works with Outlook and Google Calendar, but that would involve users downloading or using those services, but this update should change that so if you do not have Outlook or Google Calendar, you can still set reminders for yourself, such as reminding you to take out the trash.

All users have to do is tell Alexa to “remind” you to do something at a certain time and you’re good to go. However as The Verge notes, Alexa is still lacking in terms of context for AM and PM, meaning you’ll have to add the abbreviation whenever you set a reminder, as opposed to Alexa being smart enough to know the time.

Users can also set named timers which could come in handy if you have multiple timers going, such as when you’re cooking. These new features are being rolled out in the US and are expected to find its way to the UK and Germany in the coming weeks.

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