If we were to turn back the clock maybe 5 years ago, the mobile landscape looks very different compared to today. Back then iOS and Android were still very dominant, but there were attempts by BlackBerry and Microsoft and even Nokia to try and make their mark, although safe to say that in today’s landscape, it’s pretty much iOS or Android.

This means that when it comes to developers supporting apps, it boils down to supporting apps on platforms that has the most users, and unfortunately for Evernote users on older BlackBerry or Windows Phone devices, support for those platforms has come to an end, as announced on Evernote’s website.

According to Evernote, “As of June 29, 2017, we’ll be discontinuing support for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. If you currently use Evernote on these platforms, you may continue to do so. Evernote, however, will no longer be available for download on these devices and we won’t be making any further updates.”

In the meantime your notes and notebooks won’t be affected by this as lack of support simply means that there will no longer be updates. This shouldn’t really come as a surprise as Evernote isn’t alone in discontinuing their support. WhatsApp was also supposed to end their support, and while they still plan on doing so, they have extended their deadline.

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