Tesla said quite a long time back that it would deliver the first production unit of the Tesla Model 3 in July 2017. Much has been said about the company’s ability to mass product its first mass-market electric car. The challenges notwithstanding, Tesla has confirmed that it’s on track to deliver the first production Model 3 next month.

This was confirmed by Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk during the company’s recent shareholder meeting. Not only will the first production Model 3 be delivered next month, Tesla is also going to reveal the Model 3 configurator in July. We’ll know then what configuration options the company is offering for its $35,000 electric car.

Musk did point out that the configuration isn’t going to offer a lot of options, adding that it will basically allow customers to pick the color of the car and the size of the wheels that they’re like to have on it.

Tesla will obviously add more customization options over time. Musk said that the company will do now this instead of offering more options first because it has learned from the experience it has gained from the Model X launch.

The Model X was launched with many options initially and that led to manufacturing complexities for the company at a time when it was already struggling to meet production deadlines.

Tesla already has a huge backlog of Model 3 orders that it has to clear so keeping things simple certainly works in its favor. Musk also pointed out that demand for the Model 3 is high and if someone places an order for it today, they probably won’t receive their Model 3 until the end of 2018.

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