With Amazon pushing its Alexa AI technology pretty hard and doing a good job at it, and with Google having launched Google Assistant, we guess Apple might have been feeling the pressure to step up their game, which is why with iOS 11, it seems that there is a lot of focus on improving upon Siri.


One of these changes comes in the form of the HomePod which is a Siri-powered speaker that lets users speak to Siri and get it to do things for them, but if you’d rather not talk to Siri maybe because it isn’t convenient or maybe because it isn’t picking up on your accent properly, not to worry because iOS 11 has a pretty nifty feature that lets you text Siri instead of speaking to it.

For some reason this was a feature that was not mentioned during the iOS 11 announcement but was later discovered during the beta of the software. Basically what users can do is text their requests to Siri instead of speaking. We’re not sure if this will be more convenient than using your voice, but it appears that the feature is inside the Accessibility menu.

This suggests that it could be meant more for users with speech impairments and allow them to interact with Siri in text form, but either way it’s still a pretty cool feature that you could check out in the future with iOS 11’s release.

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