Killer Instinct was able to generate a loyal fan following for itself soon after the game was released back in March 2016 for Windows PC. There’s good news for players now as developer Iron Galaxy has confirmed the Killer Instinct Steam release. The announcement was made after the Community Effort 2017 tournament that took place in Orlando, Florida.

The Killer Instinct franchise was revived back in 2013. Ever since it was released over four years ago, the company has only been sold through Microsoft’s online stores for Windows and Xbox. The game has never been sold through Steam even though that was what many player wanted.

They’ll get it finally now, though, as Iron Galaxy has confirmed that Killer Instinct is going to be released for PC via Steam later this year. No precise release date has been provided as yet but at least now we know that this is going to happen.

No further details about the Killer Instinct Steam release have been revealed at this point in time. We’ll find out soon enough if there’s going to be something different with the Steam version of the game, and if existing owners are going to get any incentives for switching to Steam.

Iron Galaxy hasn’t really said why it has decided to release Killer Instinct via Steam after all this time, but I’m sure many fans will not be complaining about this.

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