Microsoft’s Xbox One console while certainly no slouch in terms of hardware, did not exactly gain a lot of fans with the company’s various policies which seemed to favor publishers and developers more, rather than the gamers themselves. Microsoft has since backtracked on their policies, but apparently may gamers still felt a level of resentment towards the company and during this year’s EVO tournament and during the presentation of Killer Instinct, an Xbox One exclusive, which was shown alongside a new fight stick from MadCatz, the last thing we’re sure the presenters expected was to be booed off the stage! This happened when Double Helix announced that the game would be released on the Xbox One and that they had a great partnership with Microsoft. They were naturally a bit shocked, but after collecting themselves the presentation continued. You can check it out in the video above, but what do you guys think? Did Microsoft’s Xbox One deserved to be booed?

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