Car services such as Uber and Lyft are interested in self-driving technology and it’s hardly a secret. In fact Lyft has partnered up with quite a few companies such as GM and more recently, Alphabet’s Waymo. Now it looks like the company will be entering a new partnership with none other than Jaguar Land Rover.

The company has recently managed to raise a whopping $600 million funding and as it turns out, $25 million came from Jaguar Land Rover who not only invested in the company, but also provided them with a fleet of Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles for use with their drivers, and will also be working with them on developing and testing autonomous vehicles.

According to John Zimmer, Lyft’s President and co-founder, “We’re excited to join forces with Jaguar Land Rover and InMotion. Lyft envisions a future where shared mobility will transform cities and improve people’s lives. This partnership will help us achieve that ambitious goal.” It is an interesting move by Lyft which seems to be going in a different direction compared to the competition such as Uber.

Uber appears to be interested in pursuing the development of the technology by themselves, while Lyft on the other hand appears to be seeking partnerships with companies already developing the technology rather than to pursue it themselves. Whether or not this approach will be more successful remains to be seen.

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