In recent times we’re starting to see more gaming developers give existing franchises a VR makeover. For example during E3 there were announcements like DOOM: VFR, Fallout 4 VR, and Skyrim VR, all of which are based on existing titles. Now it looks like Mario Kart could also be getting the VR treatment.


Bandai Namco has recently launched a trailer for its VR Zone Arcade in Shinjuku, Japan where based on its trailer, it looks like one of the VR games that is being offered is Mario Kart where gamers will be able to enjoy the game using a HTC Vive VR headset while sitting inside a Mario Kart replica.

Not much is known about the game at the moment, although judging from what we can tell, gamers will be able to use the motion controls of the HTC Vive to perform actions in the game, such as launching attacks at other players. In a way it is surprising to see Mario Kart arrive for VR as Nintendo hasn’t really said much about it.

That being said, there were some rumors about the Nintendo Switch supporting VR, but Nintendo hasn’t really mentioned anything about that yet. Also with the launch on the HTC Vive, we have to wonder if the game could eventually find its way outside of the arcade, but until then we guess the only way you’ll be able to play it is in Japan.

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