Microsoft finally unveiled its Project Scorpio console a couple of days ago. It’s the most powerful Xbox that the company has ever built and Microsoft says that it’s also the most powerful console ever made. The Xbox One X is capable of powering 4K games which is something that the PlayStation 4 Pro can do as well, but Microsoft doesn’t see Sony’s souped up console as a competitor to the Xbox One X.

Microsoft’s Xbox chief Phil Spencer explained in an interview with Eurogamer that the company sees the PlayStation 4 Pro as a competitor to the Xbox One S and not the newly announced Xbox One X.

Referring to the Xbox One X as a “true 4K console,” Spencer said that the new console is in a league of its own so it can not be compared. He pointed out that the GPU performance, the amount of RAM, and the speed of RAM that the Xbox One X offers is significantly greater than any other console on the market right now.

It’s true that the specifications that the Xbox One X touts are not matched by the PlayStation 4 Pro even though it can run games at 4K resolution as well. Whether or not the selection of 4K games for Xbox One X will be diverse enough to make people switch remains to be seen.

The Xbox One X is due to release on November 7th. It’s going to cost $499. To you that might feel a bit expensive but Microsoft is proud of the price that it has selected for the Xbox One X.

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