Many Pokemon GO players don’t consider themselves to be cheaters when they use third-party apps and services to help better manage their Pokemon. This is because there are many who feel that Niantic’s current system isn’t particularly efficient, which is why they have turned to the use of third-party apps.

However Niantic has warned gamers time and time again about using such services, and in a recent post on Reddit, the company has once again warned gamers that should they use third-party services, the Pokemon that they catch will be marked and won’t necessarily behave the way they should.

According to Niantic, “With the announcement of Raid Battles and the new battle features, we are staying true on our commitment to ensuring that Pokémon GO continues to be a fun and fair experience for all Trainers. Starting today, Pokémon caught using third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay will appear marked with a slash in the inventory and may not behave as expected.”

Like we said this isn’t the first time Niantic has made such warnings. In the past players have found themselves shadowbanned. So if you’d rather not have your hard work go down the drain, perhaps it’s best to stay away from such services in the future.

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