We know that there are many, many gamers who are looking forward to the time when Nintendo announces Pokemon for the Switch. So far we’ve come pretty close with Pokken Tournament DX, but it seems that Nintendo was waiting for the Nintendo Direct event to reveal what gamers have been asking for because the company has announced that a new core Pokemon RPG is in the works for the Switch.

Details about this Pokemon RPG are scarce at the moment, but this seems to be in line with the earlier rumors that there would be a core Pokemon game that is being developed for the Switch. According to the announcement, this will be a “core Pokemon RPG”, so if you enjoyed the Pokemon titles on handheld consoles like the 3DS, this is pretty great news!

As IGN points out, GameFreak’s co-founder Junichi Masuda had stated back in 2011 that the core Pokemon series would always be released for handheld hardware, but he did leave it open to bring it onto future devices that were more portable, and the Switch seems like a pretty great example of that.

Unfortunately for gamers who are excited by this news and wouldn’t mind getting their hands on the title, it has been revealed that the game is still in the works and is more than a year away from being released, which means that gamers will have to remain very, very patient until then.

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