If you enjoyed the original Star Wars Battlefront game and are looking forward to the sequel which was announced a couple of months ago, you’ll be pleased to learn that EA has recently confirmed that the game will be getting a beta which means that gamers will be able to try out the game and some of its features ahead of its release.


EA did not provide any specific dates, but the beta is expected to be available during the fall of 2017 where it will be on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. The beta will also let players experience the multiplayer aspects of the game, which we guess makes sense since beta access to single-player mode could lead to spoilers, something that we’re sure EA is trying to avoid.

As for those who have pre-ordered the game, as expected there will be some perks. This includes early access to the beta, but exactly how early is anyone’s guess. It could be a couple of weeks, a few days, and etc. In addition to early access, pre-ordering the game will also nab players an upgraded epic Lightsaber Mastery Star Card for Yoda, exclusive Star Wars: The Last Jedi outfits for Kylo Ren and Rey, instant access to six hero and starfighter epic Star Cards, and more.

Star Wars Battlefront II is expected to be released on the 17th of November later this year, so if you’re thinking about it, perhaps participating in the beta could help you make your decision.

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