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Valve has decided to close Steam Greenlight. It was a service that enabled Steam users to vote on indie games in order to select the titles that would eventually be published on Steam. Valve hasn’t taken this step without having a replacing in place, though. Steam Greenlight has been shut down in favor of Stream Direct which is going to be launched in a week, on June 13th to be precise.


Developers can no longer make submissions for Stream Greenlight starting today or accept votes from Steam users. As it stands, there are over 3,400 games still pending in Greenlight. Valve is now going to review those titles itself so it’s asking users to be patient while it decides which titles will get published.

Valve will be making the final decision now with regards to the fate of the pending titles. Developers will be able to receive a refund of their $100 Greenlight fee if they have paid it already if Valve declines their game or if they’ve not yet submitted their game.

Steam Direct will make it simpler for indie developers who want to get their games on Steam. Developers will just have to fill out forms and pay a $100 per game free to get their game published. Valve will refund them the fee if their game brings in over $1,000 in sales.

All submissions will be reviewed by a team at Valve which will install each game to ensure that no malware seeps through the cracks. Once everything checks out, the game will be listed on Steam.

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