We get that many people out there are busy where they don’t even have time when it comes to running simple errands like grocery shopping. This is because grocery shopping can be a bit of a chore, where you’ll have to drive to the location, look for parking, go inside, queue up, and so on.

However it looks like Walmart has plans to make the lives of their customers easier by testing out automated grocery pickup kiosks. This feature is currently being tested out in Oklahoma City at the Walmart Super Center at N Council and W Britton Roads. As you can see in the video above, basically these kiosks will house grocery orders made online or through the mobile app, which in turn gives customers a location in which they’ll be able to pickup their groceries anytime of the day at their own convenience.

According to Walmart spokesman Scott Markley in an email to News OK, “Especially for busy families with kids, grocery shopping used to take a couple of hours on the weekend.” In terms of what can be ordered, pretty much anything can be ordered, but it should be noted that there will be a minimum order of $30, so if you’re looking to buy one or two items then this might not be the service for you.

The test is expected to be conducted over the course of the next few months and whether or not it will find its way to other Walmarts in the future will depend on its success, but what do you guys think? Yay or nay on this new feature?

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