Multiple reports suggest that Microsoft’s Windows 10 source code has been leaked online in parts this week. The leaked files related to Microsoft’s USB, Wi-Fi, and storage drivers in Windows 10. Microsoft has confirmed that it has conducted a review which reveals that the files are “actually a portion of the source code from the Shared Source Initiative and is used by OEMs and partners.”

The leaked files were posted to Beta Archie. It’s a fan website which tracks Windows releases. Members are asked to make Windows-related contributions if they want free access to a private FTP service that has archived Windows builds.

Even though the leak doesn’t reflect nicely on the company, it’s not like the leaked code isn’t already shared by Microsoft with governments, enterprises, OEM partners, and other customers who license it through the Shared Source program.

Microsoft confirmed in an email to The Verge that it had reviewed the files that were published to Beta Archive’s FTP, adding that they are a part of its Shared Source Kit. The leaked files also include Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile Adaption Kit and some builds of ARM-based versions of Windows 10.

The site’s owner has mentioned that the leaked source code was just 1.2GB in size even though some reports suggest that over 32TB of data has been leaked. He also mentioned that the leaked source code has been removed from Beta Archive and that Microsoft did not force the site to delete it. Beta Archive decided to do it on its own.

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