If there’s one reason why shopping online can be rather addictive, it is because it can sometimes feel like you’re receiving a present when your package has been delivered. We also know how sometimes it can be a rather agonizing wait for your package to arrive, but not to worry because Alexa will help you keep track of it.


Part of Amazon’s plan for Alexa is for it to be able to offer up notifications to users, and it seems that one of the notifications that they are planning on offering to users at the start is the ability to notify users when a package that they’ve bought from Amazon has been sent out for delivery. This means that if you’ve ordered something from Amazon, the moment it has been sent out for delivery, Alexa will notify you of that.

This might come in handy if you’re outside and you want to be home in time to receive the package personally, or if you’re planning to go out, these notifications will help provide an audio cue/reminder so that you can better plan your day, just in case you forgot that you had a delivery that was due today.

Alternatively like we said, it can help with customers who are eagerly anticipating their package and the notification will help them keep track of the package’s progress before reaching its destination. Note that this feature is an opt-in feature so you will have to enable it if you want to take advantage of it. Instructions and details about the feature can be found on Amazon’s website.

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