Westworld was HBO’s most popular TV series last year. It imagines a modern theme park where the patrons interact with AI-powered robots and live out their wildest fantasies. All patrons get their very own back story. Disney has announced something similar. While I don’t know about the wildest fantasies part, Disney says that its newly announced Star Wars Hotel will give all guests a storyline that will have a lasting impact throughout their stay.

Disney confirmed during its D23 expo in Los Angeles yesterday that it’s building a Star Wars Hotel. It hasn’t revealed many details about this project so far but the mere mention of this project has fans excited.

Disney has confirmed that all employees of the hotel will be in costume and character at all times. All guests will get a storyline which Disney says will “touch every single minute of your days.”

Since the entire experience is going to take place on a space ship, the windows for only show space. So much for having to pay for a better view!

Disney has also confirmed that the Star Wars Hotel is going to be located at Florida’s Walt Disney World. It’s unclear at this point in time if the company plans on expanding this hotel to other Disney locations across the globe.

I think that the demand is eventually going to get so high that Disney will surely consider that option as well.

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