Facebook has been running a beta in Thailand and Australia where it has been showing Facebook Messenger users ads on the home screen. The company appears to be satisfied with the results because it has now announced that this advertising option is now being rolled out worldwide. What this means is that you and I will soon start seeing ads on Facebook Messenger’s home screen.


The home screen in Facebook Messenger can be best described as an inbox which lists your most recent conversations with your friends, Pages, and bots. You will soon start seeing advertisements in this space.

Facebook started testing this advertising option in Thailand and Australia back in January this year. Obviously, it sees enough potential in this option to roll it out globally.

This is going to open up a nice new revenue stream for the company considering the fact that Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion monthly active users across the globe.

Ads that are displayed in the home tab to Facebook Messenger users will be based on an auction-model and advertisers will have access to the same user-targeting options as they currently have on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook’s head of product for Messenger Stan Chudnovsky has confirmed today that users across the globe will begin seeing ads on Facebook Messenger’s home screen by the end of this year.

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